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Childrens Foot Clinic


Because foot health problems have hereditary, congenital and external influences such as footwear, we believe it is never too early to have your child’s feet checked. During assessment your child can have their feet, legs and walking pattern (gait) assessed and compared to ‘normal’ developmental milestones.

You may have noticed that your child has an abnormal walking or running pattern such as in-toeing, out-toeing, tripping or general clumsiness for which you would like reassurance or advice.

For example you may be concerned that your child has excessively pronated (flat feet) with no medial arches upon weight bearing or that your child has particularly curly (varus) toes, or may be developing a bunion upon the big toe and you would like a professional opinion.
Depending on the outcome of your child’s assessment you may be advised to manage the condition with a ‘wait and see approach’ as your child grows or your child may be referred to our osteopath for specific muscle stretching and strengthening exercises and given specific footwear recommendations and orthotic (insole) therapy if required.

Our orthotic (insole) laboratory provides an insurance scheme for outgrowth pairs of orthoses (insoles) which can be taken out directly with the laboratory. It ensures that your child has a free pair of outgrowth orthoses every year if necessary. This scheme excludes the podiatrist’s professional casting fee.

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