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Foot Laser Treatments


Here at The Letchworth Clinic our fully trained podiatrists are able to perform foot laser treatments.  They use the most up-to-date and effective Cutera 1064 Nd:YAG for the treatment of fungal nail infections and verrucas and warts.


How foot laser treatment works:

Fungal Nail Infections:  by a process of heating the nail to the correct temperature we are able to kill off the Fungal nail Dermatophytes permanently. This allows, over a course of time, a nice clean and healthy nail to grow through, which means you will never be embarrassed to get you feet out in public again!  Read more about Fungal Nail Infections here.

Verruca and warts:  laser light destroys the blood supply to the Wart/Verruca without damaging the surrounding tissue. The laser heats up the wart and seals its blood supply thereby killing the viral infection so the wart can no longer survive.  Read more about Verrucas & Warts here.

Our laser treatments are tailored to the individual patient requirements, we offer a free consultation for all our laser appointments where your bespoke treatment package will be discussed, your questions answered and a price quoted.

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