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Verrucas and Warts

At the Letchworth Clinic our experienced podiatrists are now able offer the most up-to-date and effective method for the treatment of verrucas and warts with our Cutera 1064 Nd:YAG laser.

Verrucas are simply warts upon the feet and are caused by a virus (human papilloma II virus). The virus cannot be seen but makes changes to the skin and the results of which are a verruca/wart.


This common, highly infectious virus is  normally contracted by walking barefoot in communal wet areas including swimming pools, saunas and shower rooms.  The skin is a more prone to infection when wet.  It is also more common for warts to develop when the immune system is running low or compromised or during times of stress.

All the usual treatment options are focused on destroying the surrounding tissues which act as a ‘host’ but laser treatment, which can now offer at the clinic, is an extremely successful and quick method of eradicating the wart as it targets the virus itself.

4 Crucial mistakes that people make trying to cure verrucas:

  1. They are advised to leave them and they will go of their own accord
  2. They believe marketing hype about the success of over the counter remedies
  3. They leave them too long to get them treated
  4. The belief that professional treatment is too expensive

Verruca and wart removal using the latest laser technology:

At the clinic our podiatrists use Cutera’s Nd:YAG laser. Laser light destroys the blood supply to the Wart/Verruca without damaging the surrounding tissue. The laser heats up the wart and seals its blood supply thereby killing the viral infection so the wart can no longer survive. One treatment may be all that is necessary for a small lesion but further treatment may be needed to ensure that the growth is killed. Two treatments are initially booked two weeks apart.

All sizes of verrucas and warts on other parts of the body, are successfully treated through the use of laser making it the most efficient way to treat such problems.  We offer a free consultation for laser treatments with our podiatrists, where they will explain the procedure, confirm how many treatment maybe required and the costs involved.

Click to watch the video below that demonstrates this simple & extremely effective solution…

We offer free laser consultations where the procedure will be explained, your questions will be answered, the number of treatments will be discussed and the cost involved confirmed

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