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“I loved walking but suffered a set back a few years ago that prevented me from walking. The problem was pain in my left foot. Despite a number of partial solutions the situation did not improve. The solution that worked very well was a set of custom made orthotics from Letchworth Podiatry Clinic. These have enabled me to enjoy walking once again.”
Dr N.T

“For the last two years I have experienced increasing pain from the ‘big toe’ area of my right foot whilst walking and it got to the stage in November 2006 where every step was painful. I visited the Letchworth Podiatry Clinic in November and within a month they had measured me for, and had produced, orthotic inserts for my shoes. Within three weeks of using them I found that I was walking completely free of pain for the first time in two years and have no hesitation in praising their professionalism and friendly approach.”
Roy Robinson M.D.

“It was worth the cost to be pain free in my heels after years of pain.”
Mrs P. Lloyd

“Thank you so much…. my Richie Brace has meant I can walk again with a spring in my step.”
Mrs G. Golding

“I could only walk 30 yards without severe pain in both feet before I got my lovely shoes from Winston……the insoles that have been made for me have meant I no longer need routine chiropody and padding every two weeks…. I am now going to get some sandals from Winston to use with my insoles so I can go on a walking holiday to Cornwall this Summer…..thank you all so much.”
Mrs T. Legg

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